Sun’s Out! Summer’s here!
Did you think picnic? Yes.
Picnics are easy, super easy.
Like I said to my friend, “Tos’ its as easy as getting a throw and a basket.”
(lol, not quite right but you get what I mean)
Sometimes we I tend to overthink things and this was definitely not going to be one of them.
It took a day to plan our picnic and I’ll be sharing a few tips on How-To-Plan yours too!



1. Set a Scene

While you can have a picnic anywhere, picking a scene will definitely set the tone of your picnic and also determine what to bring.
Will it be at the park? Or at the beach? Will it be really sunny? Or the sunset feels?  Will it be with friends, family or a significant other? Maybe even alone. Decisions, decisions. There’s no right or wrong answer. Pick a scene and start!

2. Decoration/Props

Well, well, no matter the location, the decoration is important. It’s not just about the pictures but it sets the ambience. What differentiates a romantic picnic from a family picnic? Candles? Flowers? Colours?  And if you are into pictures, capturing these moments will be much enjoyable and fulfilling to look at. So yeah, decide on the colour and sort of blanket you want, the classic picnic basket,  maybe even throw pillows to have a comfortable nap. Remember don’t stress, if it’s not within reach, you most likely don’t need it.

3.  Food and Drinks

Whoop! This is why we are here πŸ™‚ for the food and drinks. Keep it simple: mini sandwiches, pasta, doughnuts, carrot sticks &hummus, sugar snaps, cupcakes, cocktail sausages, fresh fruits, salad, chocolates, crackers and cheese, cookies, wine, champagne, juice, iced tea, whatever you like to be honest. You might have to consider a cooler bag to keep things cold or a bag of ice. You’ll also need disposable plates, cups, wine glasses and cutlery. Lastly, a trash bag to clear up once it’s over. πŸ™‚

4. Extras- Speakers, Books, Games

The extras you carry along are just as important. It’s all about the vibe isn’t it? Here, you want to consider portable speakers (major key), supplies for fun activities: deck of cards, twister, heads up, frisbee,books.

That’s it! Picnic ready!
I  personally think picnics are simple, unique and incredibly fun! and what makes it even more wonderful is how affordable it is.
How about you? 
When last did you plan or attend a picnic?
if you haven’t had any recent experience, you totally should!

Thank you for reading.
Love always,

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