Meet Fey


Firstly, I’m not sure how you found me, but I’m a strong believer of “Everything Happens For A Reason”.
Trust me, a gravitational shift just occurred to create this moment. (blame the physics in me ?)
SO, I’m glad! I’m really glad. I’m honoured to have you here.

My name is Fey Kamson, a “girly-girl” in love with travel.
Wherever there’s fun, thrill and laughter, there’s me so it should be no surprise that I’m easily the most bubbly/excited friend in a group.
Despite the “ups and downs” that go on in my life, I have a gift to put it all aside and choose Happy, but, somewhere along the line, it got hard. People just weren’t enough, being in a relationship wasn’t enough, having a good job wasn’t enough and being financially stable wasn’t enough. Heck, it’s never enough.
I wanted more, I needed more.
I’m not here to tell you travel is the answer. There’s always more to life- It’s an endless journey.
Yes, you could become more centered, confident and cultured but there’s a magic in travel that shapes you. It’s indescribable and you can only “get” it by personal experience.
Travel changed me, it changed me a lot and I continuously become a better version of myself each trip I embark on. Asides from the inexplicable joy and satisfaction I get in just being in a foreign place, I have come to appreciate and love God even more. For God created the world and gave the earth to man and we owe it to Him to gaze upon the beauty that he has made. There are so many amazing places and things that make up this world and for this, I’m eternally grateful to God.

So I created this platform,       

Footprints In Polaroids

  • To inspire you, guide you and show you that you too can create a life of travel despite the odds and circumstances. One not overshadowed by the limitations of friends, money, time and research.
  • To ultimately get you, just you, only you to start. Get a ticket and Go. Just Go.
 I plan to accomplish this by:
  • Creating an archive of travel experiences of myself and other travel lovers 
  • Providing tips, hacks, itineraries and destination videos/vlogs
  • Curating trips with awesome travel buddies. This way, you have one less problem to think of.

I hope you join me in making this platform, a place that represents all our Footprints iN Pictures Polaroids.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you stick around!
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