Oh, Croatia!
As we wait in the hotel lobby for our taxi to the airport, I can’t help but wonder why this has to end.
Why I have to go back to London’s gloomy weather and my flat view as opposed to this amazing view from the hotel.

Dubrovnik was a birthday getaway. Two of my very good friends turned a year older and their birth dates are two days apart so it was perfect. 

I really do wish we spent longer than 4 days. I think 10 days or more is ideal to explore more cities and most importantly the national parks! I’m certain I will be back because there is just so much to see, so many islands to visit and I hear their music festivals during the summer are to die for.

Dubrovnik is all sorts of beautiful! It has everything from breathtaking views, historic buildings to gorgeous natural wonders and amazing seafood. It literally looks like a city straight out of medieval times.

We stayed at the Sun Gardens- Radisson Resort on the outskirts of Dubrovnik. We had the option to either stay within or outside the city walls. This was a bit conflicting, as I’ll rather be within the city so I’m drenched with its culture. On the other hand, my friends wanted a luxury feel to the holiday which seemed best outside the city walls. It was their birthday holiday so undisputed, they got what they wanted (or so they thought. LOL) In retrospect, being outside the walls worked out nicely as the view of the entire city was epic. Wait, no, it was LIT

The holiday didn’t quite start out the way we had planned. We were two days behind on our travel itinerary.
Upon arrival, we decided to stay in, order room service, watch a movie and sleep (well, we did not plan to sleep).
The next day, it rained. 
The rain has a way of keeping you indoors and wrapped around your duvet. We actually decided to go out but the city was so gloomy we went back to the hotel and opted for a spa day. Best decision we made. If you ever find yourself on holiday and it starts to rain, consider indoor activities like going to the museum, the cinema or even better the spa!

Day 3 was upon us and the weather was amazing! We pretty much combined our activities for two days into one and that made our day very eventful. The weather for the rest of our stay was incredible and we took advantage of every hour!

I  cannot seem to get over the breathtaking scenery in Dubrovnik.
It is absolutely stunning.
No wonder it’s called “The Pearl of the Adriatic
There is no getting over this.
It is so stunning, my friend declared it as her wedding destination. No surprises here.

I’m still super stoked about my Game of Thrones tour!
Walking on the steps Cersei Lannister did on her “walk of shame”, sitting on the iron throne and recreating Sansa Starks scene is all so nostalgic! Super exciting. I’m a die hard fan of the Game of Thrones so this definitely made my holiday. The first thing I’ll do when I get into London is watch Game of Thrones all over again! 😀 

Sigh! I’m never going to get over Croatia. The food, the islands, the views, the people, the water, the city!
To be honest, I’ll love to visit every year.
I’ve got so much more to share with you:

  • Top things to do in Dubrovnik 
  • Vlogs
  • Travel Tips &
  • Gorgeous Pictures

Watch this space! Better still,  join my awesome community here. 😀

Croatia is truly one-of-a-kind and I believe it deserves to be at the top of anyone’s vacation list!

Thank you for reading.

Love always,
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