Hey guys!
It’s been a while, I know, forgive me.

I spent a few hours in transit in Amsterdam on my way H O M E.  (Lagos, Nigeria!)
I usually fly with KLM to Nigeria and there’s always make a stop at Amsterdam but for some reason, my transits are either too short or I’m usually too lazy to go out and see the city. This time was an exception, plus I had company- My brother.

We both decided to see as much as we could in basically 3hours. We did a little bit of research on what to do and set out with an Uber to the city center at 9 am. The first thing we did was have a chunky hot dog and hot chocolate for breakfast and wander around the city center. The center had about 4 museums all around so we chose to see the Rijks museum.

I’ve always wanted to take a picture with the  I AMSTERDAM city sign so this was definitely on the list.
How else will you know I went to Amsterdam? Haha.

Did you know?

The “I Amsterdam” sign began as the marketing campaign for Amsterdam area and its business and promotional organisations, but quickly took on a life of its own becoming a collective catch phrase by the city’s residents regardless of who or where they come from?It’s also the city’s welcoming cheer. The locals have been greeting travellers for centuries and they don’t mind sharing a sentiment they themselves hold so dear- that Amsterdam is for everyone.

So Yes, I AMSTERDAM. How about you?

I’m a strong believer of the best things are totally unplanned so I must share with you what happened at the sign. I’m not sure if you have noticed from my trips/posts that I’m generally an excited and playful soul- so It was only normal that while I was on the “D” (pun intended) I decided to make a snap chat video of me dancing. Apparently, there was a Tv travel show crew at the sign and when I got off they came to me asking if I could please repeat the dance for their Italian travel show. It was so cool and I was more than happy to be myself with a little bit of attention.
LOL, if I’ve got any Italian readers on here, do check the Marcopolo TV channel and let me know if you see me! *big grin*

So yeah, that was awesome. Really awesome- Like I mentioned, the best moments in life are unplanned.
We had about 30mins left as we had to be at the airport at noon. After playing around the sign, we decided to wander around the city and take a couple of pictures.

My first impression?

I love the city so much. Not because it is beautiful or they all cycle around (well maybe because they cycle- I have a thing for cycles) but because they just seem to have an easy lifestyle. I cannot explain it in words but it is the type of place I’ll love to live in to get away from London or Lagos’ hustle and bustle.
They all seem so calm, friendly and gentle.

You should expect a proper post of Amsterdam in nothing less than 3 days from me as I will definitely be going back.
I also have a friend who now lives in Amsterdam so, expect it soon!

I hope you enjoyed my rather chilled and quick post?
Looking forward to sharing more of my experiences with you!

Thank you for reading

Love always,



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