Dubrovnik is a spectacular city perfect for a long relaxing break!
It’s got everything from awe-inspiring views, historic buildings to natural wonders and amazing seafood.
Straight out of the medieval times, Dubrovnik has got me yearning for more!There are so many things to do in Dubrovnik and frankly, we did not get through half of our to-do list.
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There is no doubt about this, but I’ll be back again.
Sooner than you think! πŸ˜‰

Here are 10 things I think you should add to your Dubrovnik Itinerary!

Things to do in Dubrovnik

7. Β Wander The Old Town + Ice Cream

I could have left it at ” Wander the old town” but who am I kidding? Ice cream makes everything better! Especially at 25 degrees.
If you are visiting Dubrovnik for the first time, your trip should definitely start with a walk around the amazing city walls. Through the Pile gate, you’re faced with steep staircases leading you to the city’s main street. It’s strictly pedestrian so there are no cars to worry about as you marvel around the marble paved streets. (This informationΒ could have prevented my friends and I from wearing heels on our first night out- sigh)

Did you know that Dubrovnik gained independence from Venice?

It was also fascinating to know that all houses with 2 floors had a store/shop on the ground floor, the rooms on the first and their kitchens on the 2nd (for fire safety)
Make new friends while at it!

There is a reason why any local will tell you to wander the city walls, it may be touristy and crowded but believe me, it is popular for a good reason and I hope you get to see why!

6. Β Wine tasting

Wine is very popular in Croatia and Dubrovnik is no exception! I had the sweetest dessert wine here and I was a little disappointed when I had to think about the airport security and the extra costs to get a few bottles back to the UK. It was definitely an experience hearing the stories behind each wine and an even better experience drinking them!

I found this so interesting, apparently, these wines were stored under water at a particular pressure for a faster-aging effect and a unique taste. it is equally more expensive too! Oh, the things you learn! πŸ˜€
We also had a tour of the winery!

We visited the Matusko winery on the outskirts of Dubrovnik as we were on a road trip to Korcula island but If you are within the old town you definitely want to go wine tasting atΒ D’vino.

and look what we have here, I guess it’s safe to say while at it, snag yourself a hunk or two! haha

5. Go Quad Biking

This was totally impromptu but I’m so gladΒ we did it! Super glad. We had just gone up to Mount Std with the cable car and in the need to kill some time, we decided to have a bit of fun.Β It was so much fun, I literally thought my bike was going to capsize at some point at the rate of speed I was going. Talk about an adrenaline rush. What made this even more exciting was the amazing views. I’m usuallyΒ used to safari/forest bike tour but this experience was not only different, but the views from the bikes were simply breathtaking. You’ll have to make a conscious effort to focus on the navigation and not the scenery. Well except you’re not driving or winning! Ha.

The view!
A little bit of history time

4. Have lots of Seafood!

Talk about endless seafood. You can’t be surprised. The city is literally surrounded by water. Slurp! the freshest of the freshest oysters are in this city. I had so much seafood! I’ll be going on a little break. But yes! Try new things, develop those taste buds. you won’t regret it! I’ll recommend going to the 360 degrees restaurant– BeyoncΓ© was here (yes you care! Lol), the Panorama restaurant and Barba restaurant where seafood meets street food.

3. Go on the Cable Car.

Best viewpoint! You sure do not want to miss this. I believe it is my job to make the mistakes so you do not have to. So basically, the cable car is amazing! In less than 5 minutes, it takes you from downtown Dubrovnik 778 m up to the Mount Srd. However, In terms of the timing, I believe this requires foreplanning. You see, my friends and I had set this for an afternoon activity so we could go back down to the city and catch up with other activities. We got to the top, took a few(not) amazing pictures and headed off to explore the top then we realised that the restaurant we had booked for dinner with a sunset view was located at the same place.

We thought to wait which was when we decided to have a quad bike tour (great idea) but even after the tour we had ample time and we weren’t prepared to pay for the cable car to come up again. So in hindsight, if I were to go for the cable ride, I will plan to go on the cable ride two hours before the sun sets, go on the quad bike tour for an hour, have dinner at the Panorama restaurant with a glass (or two) of champagne while watching the sun set over the beautiful city.

Now, that sounds like an experience doesn’t it? ❀️

2. A boat tour to the Elaphite Islands

The Elaphite islands comprise of 3 islands: Koločep which is the least populated, and its landscape includes high cliffs. Lopud which has the most beautiful sandy beachesΒ and Ε ipan, the largest island well known for its diverse vegetation. It is such a relaxing tour, no wonder it’s quite popular. It was the perfect way to end our Dubrovnik experience as we had our flight back to the UK at 9 pm that day.

We got picked up from the shore of our hotel at 10 am and returned at 6 pm. We certainly had the best time here: photoshoot sessions, playing in the water, singing, dancing, souvenir shopping, cocktails, ice creams for the blazing sun and I even had a moment with a dog. Haha! It was good fun! It really was. The island tour is as fun as you make it provided you are in the right frame of mind or simply with the best company. I had the best of both worlds❀️

Β You also do not need to worry about food and drinks as you get served while on the boat.
Still, on boat tours, you should definitely go to the Lokrum Island too! It is the “Island of Love” Β *wink*.

1. The Game of Thrones Tour.


Are you actually surprised that this is my number one? It is the core reason why I know Dubrovnik exists.
As you explore the city’s Old Town with a guide you automatically recognise King’s Landing. It was also interesting to hear the behind-the-scenes stories about filming in the city and why Dubrovnik was chosen.
Walking on the stepsΒ Cersei Lannister did on her β€œwalk of shame”, sitting on the iron throne and recreating Sansa Starks scene was so nostalgic. I highly recommend the Game of Thrones Walking tour and if you are not already a fan, the tour is enough to make you one!

When I go Back…

As always, no matter how long you spend in a city there is always more to explore or stuff you missed out on. With Croatia in particular, I have come to believe one trip is just not enough. So when I do go back to Croatia, here are a few things I’ll ensure to experience!

  • The Lokrum Island
  • The Island of Mljet
  • The Plitvice Lakes National Park
  • Attend a Music Festival
  • Go to Split
  • The Gornja Vala, Zlatni Rat and Copacabana beaches!

I strongly believe that the one and only way to experience Dubrovnik is to walk around and see what you find. If you find yourself in Dubrovnik for a few days, explore and let me in on what you discover!

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Thank you for reading.

Love always,
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